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An undertaking like LuxCoreRender is the sum of hundreds of people sharing their knowledge in computer graphics papers, books, websites, university courses etc.  Among all these people, LuxCoreRender started particularly thanks to all involved in the development of LuxRender v1.x, to Matt Pharr and Greg Humphreys and their excellent book and project. We are LuxRender v1.x’s child and PBRT’s grandchild.

LuxCoreRender v2.x

Name (Country)NicknameRoles
David Bucciarelli
DadeProject Coordinator
C++ LuxCoreRender Engine Developer
Simon Wendsche
B.Y.O.B.BlendLuxCore Developer
Michael Klemm
neo2068BlendLuxCore Developer
Peter Sandbacka
PiitaArtist and Wiki Author
Charles Nandeya Ehouman
SharlybgArtist and LuxCore Tutor

LuxRender v0.x and v1.x

Name (Country)NicknameRoles
Jean-Philippe Grimaldi
jeanphiProject Coordinator
C++ LuxRender Engine Developer
Jean-Francois Romang
JromangC++ LuxRender Engine Developer
Tom Bech
TombC++ LuxRender Engine Developer
Peter Bienkowski
ZcottC++ LuxRender Engine Developer
David Bucciarelli
DadeC++ LuxRender Engine Developer
Thomas De Bodt
LotuspecC++ LuxRender Engine Developer
Anir-Ban Deb
AdebC++ LuxRender Engine Developer
Asbjørn Heid
Lord CrcC++ LuxRender Engine Developer
Liang Ma
MLJackC++ LuxRender Engine Developer
Thomas Ludwig
lyciumC++ LuxRender Engine Developer
Ricardo Lipas AugustoRatowC++ LuxRender Engine Developer
Shakti Prasad MisaSMISRAC++ LuxRender Engine Developer
Patrick Johnston
pacoC++ LuxRender Engine Developer
Károly Zsolnai
zsolnaiC++ LuxRender Engine Developer
David Washington
CarbonfluxGUI contributor
Terrence Vergauwen
Radianceformer Project Coordinator
Matt Pharr
PBRT Sourcecode & Book Author
Greg Humphreys
humperC++ LuxRender Engine Developer
PBRT Sourcecode & Book Author
Jens Verwiebe
jensverwiebeOS X maintainer
Pascal Aebischer
zuegsLuxBlend Developer
Campbell Barton
ideasman42LuxBlend Developer
Vlad Miller
SATtvaLuxBlend Developer
Ian Blew
binarycortexLuxBlend Developer
Jason Clarke
JtheNinjaLuxBlend Developer
Michael Klemm
neo2068LuxBlend Developer
Michael Gangolf
MigaLuXSI Developer
Guillaume Plourde
PerPixelLuxMax Developer
Stig Atle Steffensen
HedphelymLuxMax Developer
Marcus Spranger
abstraxLuxC4D Developer
Mimmo Briganti
mimhotepSU2LUX Developer
Alexander Smirnov
exvionSU2LUX Developer
Luke FriskelfriskenSU2LUX Developer
Dom Coco
dcoLuxMAYA Developer
Doug Hammond
dougal2Exporter and Integration Developer
Website maintainer
Abel Groenewolt
AbelDocumentation Coordinator
Patrick WalzpatrickwalzLuxRender Developer
Simon Wendsche
B.Y.O.B.LuxBlend Developer